Why Choose Sonrise Services?

The Sonrise 7

It is the details that set us apart. With every window we clean there is a process we follow to insure the highest quality.

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    Respecting Your Home

    We will place shoe covers on our shoes before entering your house to clean. The feet and rungs of any ladders that are to be brought into the house will be cleaned, and all ladders used inside or outside the house will have ladder pads placed on them to protect building surfaces from both damage and smudges.

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    Prepare and Inspect Windows

    Before cleaning each window, our techs will adjust window coverings, and remove window grids. We will then inspect the window for cracks, seal failures, imperfections, paint, mortar, hard water, and inform the customer about any potential issues before proceeding.

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    Soil Suspension

    We will thoroughly scrub each window with an industrial grade strip washer soaked in water containing the best surfactant. This will break the bond of soil to the glass and put the soil into suspension. Cobwebs will also be removed from window frames.

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    Soil Removal

    We will use professional squeegees with top quality rubber blades to remove the water and soil from the glass.

  • 5

    Dry & Detail

    We will wipe away any water left on the edges of the glass and the windowsill. We will inspect the window to verify it is streak free at this point.

  • 6

    Return Window Coverings to Pre-clean Positions

    We will return all window coverings to their pre-clean positions, including screens, blinds, shades, shutters, and curtains.

  • 7

    Final Inspection

    We will do a post cleaning inspection of the windows with you to make sure we have no streaks, drips, spots, etc. and that you are happy with our work.

Special Cleaning Methods May be Used

Sometimes we encounter soils that will not be removed with normal cleaning procedures, to include, but not be limited too: hard water stains, screen burn, artillery fungus, paint, lawn residue, etc. Such things will require more aggressive methods of cleaning and significantly increase our labor time to remove. As such, there may be an extra charge, up to double the cost if so needed. We will let the customer know ahead of time and get permission before proceeding.

Happy Customers Say it the Best

Approximately 70% of our new business at Sonrise Services comes from referrals from our happy customers. Be sure and read reviews from some of our satisfied customers by clicking the button below.

We Have the Experience

Jerry Robbins the owner of Sonrise Services has been in the window cleaning business since May 1992.  He started off as a sole proprietor in 1992, switched to a S Corp in 1996, and switched the business to an LLC in 2011.

Our Employees

Our employees are trustworthy, reliable, skilled professionals.

Criminal Background Check & Drug Screen.

To become an employee at Sonrise Services, an applicant must pass a criminal background check and drug screen, as well as go through a thorough interview before we hire him/her. If I can't put someone in my house with my family, then I won't put them in yours.

Sonrise Services LLCCompany Uniforms

Our employees wear company uniforms so you know who we are. Just look for our logo.


All of our employees go through an exclusive training program to ensure the highest quality is maintained on every job.

Fully Insured

Commercial General Liability Insurance

You are protected by commercial general liability insurance at Sonrise Services. Not all service providers carry proper insurance, and some unscrupulous businesses forge documents making it look as if they have it. If you need verification of our commercial general liability insurance, contact us and we will have our agent send you a certificate of insurance.

Ohio Bureau of Workers CompensationOhio Workers' Compensation Insurance

You can contact the Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation to verify that Sonrise Services is insured and request a copy of our Worker's Compensation Certificate.

Dorthy Lane Market LogoDorothy Lane Market Club Merchant

Sonrise Services is the Dorothy Lane Market Club Merchant for window cleaning. Dorothy Lane Market obviously does their homework before they put someone into their club merchant program, and they allow only one merchant per industry in.

Sonrise Services is the window cleaning company chosen by Dorothy Lane Market.

Home of the Rainy Day GuaranteeHome of the Rainy Day Guarantee

After we clean your windows, if it rains on them within 24 hours and spots them up, we will reclean them at no charge!

Learn more about our Rainy Day Guarantee by clicking the button below.

Free Estimates & Upfront Pricing

We run a free estimate for you up front so you will know exactly what the total cost for your window cleaning will be. There are no gimmicks, no tricks.

Call for Your Free Estimate Today - 937.436.4499

Quality & Care

There are no dirty floors or scuffed walls with us. We take pride in the job we do. That means taking care that we not only do a great job of cleaning your windows, but take care to keep the rest of your home or office clean and damage free as well.

  • We don't track in with our shoes.
  • We clean our ladders before bringing them into your house.
  • We pad our ladders to protect your walls.

Our Satisfaction Promise

Sonrise Services will work hard to earn your satisfaction as a customer. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service, please call us! We will do what it takes to make you happy!